Haworth through CoCreate with Gavin Harris

Sakuru is a ‘platform’ that can support individual, group, linear, radiating, meeting and collaborative work styles and has the ability to change from one to the other. Over many life spans, this platform continues its purpose and use – allowing change to happen with little waste of material or need for extra components, no matter if a business changes its work style or demographic.

Sakuru means ‘circle’ in Japanese, and this is represented with more than form (the single cylinder) via Sakuru’s never-ending work-point design. It also reflects the environmental message of being used endlessly in different forms with colour skins and jackets. The possibilities change its persona, extending its life span.

Haworth through CoCreate in collaboration with designer Gavin Harris developed Sakuru through years of research and development in Australia. The design developed from a desire to produce a single response or element that would support all types of working requirements: workpoint (in bench, 120 and single), team table, meeting table, quite room, executive table, et cetera. A limited number of elements produce a high number of offerings.

Sakuru’s design means it needs little tooling and few jigs, so its manufacture can be localised quickly. The design of a single cylinder allows for simple ordering process, and the stocking of a single element. Keeping a product in the supply chain is the strongest environmental stance. The base product can be easily specified up with different skins. Ownership of the product is now open to a wide group – clients (like normal), as well as leasing agents and building owners – as the simple design with few elements allows for easy change and reconfiguring to a client’s requirements.