The Puffalo modular lounging range blends sophisticated and sculptural form with bounteous flexibility. Puffalo exudes the Didier design philosophy of fusing art with design beneath a creative and compelling narrative.

Didier’s national customer group needed a modular lounging range that could be specified for both residential and workspace interiors. The design needed to be extremely flexible with a sophistication and quality that competes with premium European brands. Puffalo is a contemporary collection with a cool, bohemian chic. The relaxed aesthetic evokes a domestic atmosphere but it has been designed with a refined and formal integrity. Puffalo invites you to ‘flop down, chill-out and feel yourself descending into slow motion.’

The range includes twenty individual units that join together into boundless configurations. The range offers extreme flexibility with a high level of individual customisation. Each unit is made in Melbourne, Australia and skilfully crafted to the highest quality standards using locally sourced materials. Longevity of design is extremely important allowing simple adaption over time – so uncomplicated, discrete joining clips have been developed, allowing easy modular rearrangement by hand at anytime.

Sustainable production was critical, so all wooden frames are manufactured using FSC-certified timbers with steel springs for superior durability. High-grade layered padding is all Green Star rated and topped in silky soft memory foam to offer luxurious support. Each module can be upholstered with a wide selection of Green Star-certified fabrics and leathers, including 100-per-cent wool and recycled content.

Puffalo lounging has an easy and sensuous form. It has elongated proportions and the design feels like it captures those long, languorous weekends that drift into all sorts of tales and mischief. Puffalo’s slow and sensuous mood creates a voluptuous feeling of billowing cushions on the floor. The intent was to bring an inviting, relaxed, residential spirit into the atmosphere that can drift into workspace environments and help enrich personal stories and inspirations.

Photography: Mike Baker Photography