Place Lounge Collection

Ross Gardam

Place offers the most functional, modular platform to connect, experience and create. At the heart of the collection is the desire to bring people together – to support creativity in an environment that is smart, agile and intuitive. The Place collection of lounges and accessories blurs the line between residential and commercial space. It offers exceptional comfort and soft styling balanced with work-focused functionality and proportions.

The system was formed around the desire to create complex arrangements based on a singular, square-shaped ottoman. Additional add-ons, including backs, armrests, privacy screens, power connections and tables are then combined with the universal foundation to create multiple variations in form, for fit into designed commercial floor plans. Simple design elements join together to create infinite configurations and arrangements.

The Place Lounge Collection was designed with the intention of utilising traditional manufacturing techniques to minimise complex development and tooling during manufacture. Although simple in form, the Place Lounge Collection’s highly refined level of craftsmanship is evident in its stitch and seam details. It has a softness to every detail, both aesthetically and to the physical touch. The collection also includes a joining system, which allows individual units to lock or zip together to form more permanent designs if desired.

The Place Lounge Collection is endlessly modular. All square units are based on an economical 730mm / 28.75” square footprint; all arms and backs fit within the square. Multiple back and arm heights provide varying levels of privacy, from casual to full privacy spaces. Curved units enable circular meeting spaces and organic floor plan configurations. Ultimately, the Place Lounge Collection allows users to create focused working spaces, which then easily reconfigure to suit their next task or meeting.

Photography: Haydn Cattach