Jeanette Range

Tom Fereday Design

The outdoor Jeanette Range attempts to soften the often-hard aesthetic of outdoor metal furniture and offer a personality or feeling, to give a sense of identity to the collection. The new Jeanette pieces include a coffee table, bar stool and lounge sofa – all built on the success of the earlier Jeanette chair. Complemented by solid marble, terracotta and textured fabrics, the collection offers a sense of natural luxury in the hope that it may be cherished and cared for as collectable items of furniture.

The Jeanette Range was designed and developed with the quality of an indoor furniture collection. Every consideration for materials, finish and design was developed to create unique and enduring designs that push the boundaries in furniture manufacture and challenge the notion and separation of outdoor furniture from the quality of indoor furniture. Sophisticated manufacturing and unique designs ensure the entire collection may be enduring and long lasting.

From the outset, the brief was to develop a collection based on the principle of honest design with an international outlook to how the piece could be launched and developed. Collaboration with some of the finest manufactures in Italy, ranging from handmade terracotta ceramics to intricate wire bending, has made a truly international collection. Consideration for product and material longevity were key factors.

Sophisticated terracotta ceramic mouldings, intricate wire tooling and natural stone provide unique material development that has allowed the Jeanette Range to sell worldwide and cover all spaces from the indoor home to the outdoor restaurant.

Photography: Simone Fiorini