Horizon Vase

Chris Connell Design

This is a series of sculptural mouth-blown glass vessels that are both beautiful and functional, solving a common problem when displaying flowers in a vase. When flowers are placed into most vases, they tend to lean out due to the large round openings, and consequently more flowers are needed to create a fuller appearance.

By tapering the form towards the top, ‘pinching in’ the opening and creating a ‘slot’, the flowers are more tightly grouped together, presenting a more solid mass of colour and visual impact. The larger base also provides better stability.

The lower portion of the vase has been etched to provide a soft diffusion of light, screening unsightly discoloured water and floral debris. This also provides more emphasis to the top of the plant and its flowers. Two heights have been nominated, and being mouth blown, every vase varies slightly in size. The muted colours of smoky grey, pale amber and dark red compliment the ‘hero flowers’ and again vary from each batch produced, adding to the structured yet organic form.

The name Horizon identifies the distinction between the etched lower portion and the clearer upper section of the vessel – two parts of a greater whole, the earth and the sky, the stem and the flower. Horizon is at once practical and beautiful.

Photography: Earl Carter