Edo Wall Lamp Collection


The Edo Collection is a family of decorative wall lights that hide powerful technical capabilities beneath their simple geometric forms. Edo was a period in Japanese history spanning nearly 300 years from 1608 to 1868. During this prosperous and peaceful time, Japanese art and culture thrived. Taking inspiration from the materiality and simplicity of Japanese design, this new range is named Edo.

Often our first engagement with an object is its outward appearance and many interior elements speak louder than others. Edo’s clean lines and subtle curves bring a softness and sense of the familiar into an interior. With the ability to individuate the material finishes, Edo can be either an introvert or extrovert.

Beneath Edo’s simple facade is the latest dedicated LED technology, including lamping options suitable for wet environments and control gear that can communicate with sophisticated building control systems. The inherent cost of an item is its materials, production, assembly and shipping. Consideration has been given to the ease and speed of installation, which is an additional cost of the product.

The stand-out aspect of the Edo Collection is its excellence in sustainable design. The design addresses the ease of manufacture, including assembly and end-of-life disassembly. At ISM, a companywide program to replace all packaging with environmental options has taken place. Locally sourced high-quality materials are used where possible. The objects are built within the framework of a circular economy – offering a timeless design that works within contemporaneous architecture for a long life cycle. Beyond the life of Edo, the design is fully recyclable and adaptable.

Photography: Mike Baker