Keith Melbourne Studio

Avion is a new product type that cannot be described by existing categories. It is most accurately described a soft architectural system of modular wall, seating and table elements. The collection’s truly modular nature invites the innovative creation of contemporary workplaces by reducing the scale of spatial design to that of furniture.

Avion’s functions include desking, meeting rooms, individual work pods, integrated lounging and a complimentary freestanding collection. A unique aspect of Avion is how it enables these functions to be combined within the same setting. The visual and acoustic separation achieved by the wall system creates the opportunity for these contrasting functions to co-exist in close proximity.

The highly considered proportions, functional details and sophisticated forms culminate into a luxurious collection supporting both focus and collaboration. The collection embodies a refined visual language of soft forms and continuous lines, creating sophisticated settings that will compliment almost any interior.

Keith Melbourne Studio aims to elevate the aesthetic, function and quality of Australian-designed and -manufactured furniture, with the goal of making local products a more aspirational purchase. The studio applied best-practice sustainability principles to the project through material selection, efficient use of materials and longevity through high-quality end product and a timeless aesthetic.

Avion combines the use of three x five-axis CNC routing, plywood moulding, CNC fabric cutting, CNC foam cutting, CNC wire bending, CNC laser cutting, robot welding, metal spinning and metal stamping. The studio designed all aspects of the Avion collection, creating all files driving these technologies. Avion, as an upholstered product, also has a handcrafted aspect, and the studio works closely with skilled craftspeople, allowing details to be refined and a higher level of finish to be achieved.

Photography: Mr.P Studios, Keith Melbourne