Typography Floor Lamp


Drawing from the artistic and harmonious collection of Typography fittings, the floor lamp offers an unprecedented opportunity to create endless expressions in a portable luminaire. Each light can be positioned anywhere along the length of the stand and on any of four locations around the central axis. Wireless dimming enables balanced illumination effects to complete this luxurious, high-performance lamp. Typography is a graphic lighting system delivered with a purity of form true to the inspiration drawn from the simple cylinder.

The design brief was to develop a new floor lamp enabling the Typography lighting system to be used in portable luminaires. Rakumba and Studio Truly Truly worked together to analyse the existing market offering, develop form and proportion, and refine technical functionality. The team then delivered this in manufacturable form including all design development, prototyping and manufacturing documentation.

The Typography Floor Lamp enables designers and customers to design their own floor lamp using any combination of seven Typography CILON light fittings positioned anywhere on the lamp stem. No two lamps need to be the same. Wireless Bluetooth dimming control enables the end user to create lighting effects previously only possible with sophisticated lighting control systems, because each type of light can be dimmed independently to the others. High-end lighting design with this level of sophistication opens up a plethora of new applications – for example, for design-conscious renters who value the ability to incorporate aesthetics delivered using performance lighting without requiring installation by an electrician.

Photography: Haydn Cattach.