DesignOffice for Cantilever Interiors

Tableau is a component-based kitchen system designed in collaboration with, and commissioned by, design-led Australian kitchen manufacturing company Cantilever Interiors. Tableau comprises two primary elements, Block and Bench, which can be joined together with a custom connector. These elements are supported by Shelf and Store. Block is the tall element of the suite, designed to be either freestanding, connected to Bench, or anchored to one or more walls. It typically houses refrigeration, pantry, ovens, storage and includes a custom niche for appliances or a home bar.

Bench is the counter-height component and typically houses sinks, dishwasher, cooktop and storage. Shelf and Store provide additional wall-mounted storage and display for use above Bench or adjacent to Bench and Block. Store provides lighting and accommodates a range-hood when required. Each element can be used independently, but has been designed to be used collectively to form multiple configurations suiting a variety of needs and environments.

An edited material palette provides for a wide range of options to suit individual context, budget and preference. The design process tested a range of typical applications to determine the parameters of each element and the ways in which they work together. Informed by the collective knowledge and experience of the design team, Tableau was designed for application in multi-residential projects, residential refurbishments, new builds and in workplace environments.

Photography: Dan Hocking.