Tom Fereday for Earp Bros

OMNI reinvents the traditional breeze block to offer an entirely new approach to building and interior design. By transforming the breeze block form to provide a faceted modular block, OMNI allows for a multitude of new and innovative applications to be built and designed. Offering both straight and 45-degree angles to be achieved simply by flipping the brick, OMNI was designed and proportioned to allow for an array of angular forms to be created including but not limited to L-shaped walls, undulating surfaces, columns and even coffee, dining and bar tables.

In collaboration with Earp Bros, the brief Tom Fereday set himself was to reinvent the traditional breeze block for the modern-day environment. By considering and experimenting with the traditional form of the breeze block we were able to entirely reimagine the product and its potential application. By addressing the potential for the possibility of new applications other than just straight feature walls, the OMNI block entirely reinvents the category opening up opportunities for designers to interpret its use for both indoor and outdoor application.

The OMNI breeze block is a dry-pressed cement block requiring no firing or high energy processing. The registered design is both novel and practical. The exciting opportunities of the design are presented to the interior and architecture market, encouraging designers to play and engage with the possibilities of the product to reimagine the built environment. OMNI is being initially offered in off white, grey and black colour and available worldwide.

Photography: Jason Busch.