Louis Range

Tom Fereday and Mast Furniture

The Louis table is a considered flat-packing table made entirely from solid timber, and designed for any space without compromising on the quality or strength of a traditional solid timber table. With an elegant interlocking design, the Louis table is made up of four minimal timber components that can easily be assembled or disassembled with a single Allen key. Hand made from FSC rated timber, the collection has been designed to last a lifetime.

Originally developed for the Louis Vuitton store, the Louis table was redeveloped in collaboration with Mast Furniture to create a flat-packing table and bench series. The Louis table and bench represents a true collaboration between Mast furniture and Tom Fereday to achieve an Australian-made collection that may be accessible to any person or space. Moreover the entire Louis collection is a considered piece for international sale offering an efficient and elegant design solution to the issue and inefficiencies of fully assembled tables.

The Louis table and bench is a truly unique take on the perception of what flat-packing furniture should be. The Louis table offers a genuine focus on longevity in design whilst opening access and opportunity of the piece to fit within any space for both the residential and commercial markets.

Photography: Fiona Susanto.