Eccentric Showers

Rogerseller Australia

Arguably the best ideas happen in the shower – those few minutes in the day when you are relaxed and able to let the mind wander or belt out your best vocal performance. The Eccentric Showers by Rogerseller are reminiscent of the vintage art deco microphones used by some of the world’s most iconic and eccentric performers of the twentieth century, and the rebellion against convention that defined them. The collection incorporates distinct elongated perforations that are synonymous with the microphones of the time. Designed by Nick Johnston, the shower collection is made in Australia from quality machined solid brass and stainless steel, and is engineered to stand the test of time.

The range is an extension of the award-winning Eccentric by Rogerseller tapware and accessories, and includes a hand shower on a rail, a hand shower on an integrated wall union, a dual-rail shower and shower rose that can be paired with a matching ceiling or wall arm. The shower range creates an emotional connection with the end user conceptually, through the product’s personality, whilst carrying the Eccentric story through. Rather than using off-the-shelf components, Rogerseller developed proprietary shower technology to deliver a lasting positive experience through performance and attention to detail.

The Eccentric Showers were developed with strong consideration of the product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. Reverting back to basics in regard to quality materials and craftsmanship, and supporting local engineering and manufacturing, was a way to achieve a high-performing, long-lasting product in both aesthetic and functional terms. Unlike most of the products in the shower category, which are produced using virgin plastic, the materials composing Eccentric can be repurposed at the end of the product’s life. Addressing the need for water conservation in the shower, Eccentric Showers’ proprietary flow and spray patterns have been carefully engineered to deliver a soft, full-bodied shower at 9L/min.

Photography: Haydn Cattach.