ZETR Trimless Outlets and Switches


While the light has been redesigned and reimagined so many times, power outlet design has had very little change for around 50 years. ZETR is a new concept of trimless outlets and switches that finish flush with the surrounding surface to provide minimal impact on architectural finishes. It was developed as a way of reimagining the traditional electrical outlet and switch for modern architecture, and to challenge the aesthetics of electrical accessories coming from the big companies. The range is unique in Australia and New Zealand, designed to be installed into (not over) various wall types and thicknesses including plasterboard, stone, tile, render and timber – all achieving a seamless flush finish using ZETR mounting assemblies. This sets the product apart from the traditional larger surface-mounted cover plate options available.

The range includes double outlets with and without double USB modules, as well as switches with one-, two-, three- and five-gang options. This enables designers to use the product throughout the whole project. ZETR has secured an international patent pending for the ZETR range as the mounting assemblies for fixing the outlet or switch to the surface are a completely new concept. Existing processes for flush systems require fine adjustment and positioning during installation to achieve a flush finish with the surface, making them cost prohibitive and labour intensive. ZETR uses a single mounting system that works across multiple installation surfaces, allowing for simple and cost-effective installation every time.

The ZETR design is iconic and distinctive from all other options available on the market as the outlets and switches step away from the traditional boxed shape with a curved form. The outline relates to the inserted plug. There are no on/off switches; ZETR outlets contain an auto switching mechanism that is engaged when the plug pins are installed. Outlets are also fitted with inbuilt safety shutters, making them tamper proof. The cover plate (available in matte black and white) can be match painted on site to the desired wall colour for true integration. ZETR is also working on ways to custom design cover plates to match different adjacent finish surfaces such as timber, veneer, brass, aluminium and stone.

Since launching the range in July 2017, ZETR has received much interest from the New Zealand market. In 2018/19 the team plans to take ZETR to the international stage with expansion into other regions including Europe, the USA, and key markets across Asia.

Photography: Ben Raymond Photography