Trace Modular Sofa

Adam Goodrum for Tait

The design brief for Trace was to develop a collection that embodies the iconic Australian lifestyle and delivers an unconditional level of sophistication, function and comfort to outdoor design – as well as durability. Internationally acclaimed Australian designer Adam Goodrum endeavoured to enhance the way people inhabit outdoor spaces, while exploring new levels of outdoor luxury. The result for the Trace Modular Sofa saw Goodrum push boundaries and redefine the way we use outdoor space.

Says Goodrum, “Trace takes me back to my childhood in Perth and recent times at mum and dad’s coastal home, south of Sydney. Drenched in sunshine, we typically all gather on their deck for barbeque and beers. It’s that inviting feeling of affection and sociability, so evocative of the Australian lifestyle, I wanted to convey with Trace”.

The aesthetic of Trace is one more typically associated with indoor design. Cloud-like cushioning is set within a rounded tubular frame, ensconcing the sitter. The rounded, generously proportioned organic form lends the sofa unsurpassed levels of comfort, blurring the lines between indoor or outdoor products. Trace offers a great deal of functionality and versatility, comprising a series of units that can be arranged in varying configurations (including central and corner modules), with the option for a fixed table.

Trace utilises high-performance materials and finishes, engineered to exist with the greatest longevity within harsh environmental conditions: a robust powdercoated aluminium framework with drainage holes at the base; triple-layer foam for shapeliness, plumpness and comfort; high-performance outdoor fabrics that offer the luxurious look and feel of an indoor fabric; sustainably sourced timber; exterior-grade marble-effect porcelain or timber table tops; and stainless-steel mesh for the embracing netting on the back and sides of the sofa (a material commonly used in architectural structures for balustrading and barricading). The legs are available in a choice or timbers or aluminium and can be easily screwed to the frame or inter-changed.

Trace displays a dynamic play of materials as seen in the unexpected application of architectural stainless-steel mesh as a playful, yet functional design feature. This is balanced by the simplicity of the frame structure, resulting in a design that expresses Goodrum’s distinctly modern Australian design ethos. Every surface and touch point of the sofa has been considered to emanate luxury, from the textured powder coat finish to the lush, tactile fabrics. Goodrum has designed every aspect of Trace to be centred around a relaxing and luxurious user experience.

Photography: Haydn Cattach