Strand Chair

Adam Cornish for NAU

The brief was born out of dialogue between Cult, NAU and Adam Cornish, which identified the need for an authentic and honest chair – something that was accessible in price while utilising quality materials. So, the brief became simple: design a stacking chair suitable for both commercial and residential markets for under AUD$300 using real tactile materials.

The Strand Chair aims to be honest and accessible – a sort of ‘chair for the people’ philosophy that has been used to shape design classics like the Volkswagen Beetle et cetera. The beauty of allowing accessibility to drive the design process is that it really forced the consideration of the design from many angles, while always having a point on the horizon to aim for and orientate the project.

The Strand Chair represents a strong yet quaint aesthetic, something that is elegant without being overbearing, and is composed of a palette of simple tactile materials chosen for their ability to age well and add to the character of the chair as the years go by.

Photography: Charlie White