ing (360 Degree Gliding Chair)


In our modern working society, there are many inventions that aim to improve our well being – for example, smart watches that calculate how many steps we walk, calories we consume and hours we sleep. What if we created an office chair that could help to burn calories, generate creativity, support your muscle motion and improve your concentration level while you work? This would be a new chair that changes the way we sit and work. KOKUYO’s ing (360 Degree Gliding Chair) represents a breakthrough in office chair technology and an innovation for sitting.

As we are looking in improving our well-being at work, this product, says KOKUYO, will be the first in the industry to shape the way we sit. Sitting is no longer about being stationary. Our body is meant to move to support the connection between our body and our brain. Think of how running is about the connection between the mind and the body through the core muscles; with that connection, the run will be more enjoyable, stable, provide an energy return and improve your overall well-being. The core area serves as the connection between your mind and body, and by linking them together KOKUYO aims to make this chair a breakthrough in the way we sit and work – the new way of sitting.

Studies undertaken in Japan have shown that by sitting and swinging on the ing chair for four hours, you can burn 85kcal – the equivalent of walking for 1.5km. The studies also found that 80 per cent of people feel motion movement in the shoulder muscles and 50 per cent feel motion movement at the waist region. Additionally, 70 per cent of people using ing feel more relaxed than they do in a conventional office chair, and 60 per cent of people feel that they can concentrate better. 13 per cent reported an increase in creativity and in the generation of new ideas.

Photography: KOKUYO.