Upper House

Koichi Takada Architects

“High rise lifestyle has become detached and disconnected – from the community, from nature, from one another. With Upper House we are challenging that and establishing a new model for vertical living that is, at its foundation, about connection.” Koichi Takada.

Upper House (South Brisbane, Australia) is a progressive multi-residential project by Koichi Takada Architects and Aria Property Group, that delivers 188 apartments over 33 storeys.

Situated across Brisbane River from the CBD, Upper House began as a vision to celebrate Brisbane’s natural beauty and optimal climate, while catering to collective and individual wellbeing needs of its residents. It delivers an enviable lifestyle through quality design, the inclusion of nature and a focus on holistic wellness. The architecture punctuates the city skyline with a natural timber pergola and a biodiverse, tropical rooftop oasis that stands above surrounding buildings.

A five-storey indigenous artwork, by Judy Watson, at the building’s podium was conceived as a way to contribute a valuable narrative to the urban landscape, creating a dialogue around Australia’s first nations people. Visually, ‘architectural roots’, inspired by the native Moreton Bay Fig, take us on a journey from Australia’s ancient past at its base, up to the future inner-urban living.


Furniture: Bandy” side table, Jardan, Gubi Moon Table, Cult, Otis Coffee Table, Jardan, Ibiza Sunlounger, Mobilia, Jey Round Table, Zenith, Cosh Living. Lighting: Spot DALI, Light Project, XAL Sono Flex AP54 Trimless, EST Lighting, Hoop Pinhole, EST Lighting, Articolo Duo Wall Sconce with kick, EST Lighting, Ceto Wall Light, Ross Gardam. Finishes: Piketto Mosaics, Surface Gallery, Wyndam Limestone, Eco Outdoor, Scoop Mosaic, Skheme, “Flute Orb” Calacatta Jade, Skheme, St Elle Quartzite, CDK Stone, Pearl Luster, RC&D, Naveneer Sorrento, New Age Veneers. Fittings & Fixtures: Surface Double Outlet, Zetr, Double GPO, Zetr, Haiku, Big Ass Fan, Park Avenue Rimless Pan, Abey, Catalano Zero+ 50 Basin, Rogerseller, Rogerseller Eccentric Wall Mounted Basin Outlet, Rogerseller, Eccentric Vertical Heated Towel Rail, Rogerseller.


Photography: Tom Ferguson, Scott Burrows, Mark Nilon