Park Street by Milieu

Breathe and Milieu

Park Street by Milieu is the exploration of a different type of development model that retrofits buildings otherwise at the end of their practical life and tailors them to meet the needs of today’s renters. Designed by Breathe with newly landscaped grounds by Acre, sustainability and community were front of mind with this regenerative approach to housing, challenging the status quo by breathing new life into good bones.

Positioned across from Royal Park, one of Melbourne’s largest inner-city parks and within moments from the Upfield Line and Sydney Road; this 17-apartment project located in Brunswick consists of two blocks, the west side and the east side. Each side embodies a unique colour scheme and layout that embraces the building’s original charm while achieving a greater sense of identity within the project.


Furniture: Coco Flip, Monde Studio, Sunday Salon, Armadillo, Ka Ra Studio. Lighting: HAY, Artedemi. Finishes: Laminex, Benchtop and Cupboards, Bremworth, Carpet, ReadyCork, Flooring, Academy Tiles, splashback, Dulux, Paint. Fittings & Fixtures: Fisher & Paykel, cooktops + ovens, Reece.


Photography: Ben Moynihan