Artistry Collective / Auburn Road

Aych Architects

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria, Artistry Collective/Auburn Road consists of seven apartments across four levels, including a penthouse. The intent was to create high-quality, unique housing that harmonises with the existing fabric of the area, including nearby heritage sites.

The project puts forward the notion of a hybrid living experience, combining the convenience and security of apartments with the spaciousness and minimal garden maintenance of townhouses. Each residence features a generous northerly aspect, expansive glazing, and external terrace/courtyard areas, ensuring equitable access to sunlight and views for all occupants.

This project showcases a no-compromise execution, akin to a high-end custom home on a larger scale. The benefit of being able to adopt a sensitive housing model has enabled a level of equity across the entire project as a whole. The result is a building that makes all of its occupants happy and allows them equal opportunity for a healthy living experience.

Throughout the development process, extensive community consultation took place, resulting in unanimous approval from stakeholders and ensuring sensitivity to the site, place, environment, and culture.


Lighting: Ambience Lighting, Finishes: Evernex, G-lux, Caesar Stone, Signorino. Fittings & Fixtures: Astra Walker, Mizu, Kado Lux, Omvivo, AFA, Caroma, Miele, Fisher & Paykel.


Photography: Anthony Richardson & Alex Reinders