Nightingale Ballarat


A celebration of Ballarat’s rich history in form and 100 per cent fossil fuel-free, Nightingale Ballarat includes one, two, and three-bedroom apartments and shared rooftop garden and laundry designed with an overarching priority towards social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The form of Nightingale Ballarat is an elegant response to Ballarat’s 1800’s boom-era architecture and the rhythm of its more austere brick neighbour to the north. An arched façade, created from locally sourced recycled red brick forms part of the active street frontage that gives back to the broader community created by the downstairs cafe, deep root planting, and lush open courtyard. The building exceeds 8 star NatHERS rating and each home is cross-ventilated with access to open-air walkways and operable windows. Importantly, 20 per cent of apartments are allocated to Housing Choices Australia to provide safe, secure housing to those most in need.

Exceptional in its sustainability outcomes, Nightingale Ballarat is also generous in its design for the wider community through simple urban design gestures to activate the street. A generous, semi-public courtyard has been provided, a significant tree has been planted to throw shade over the footpath and built-in seats improve the pedestrian experience. By pulling back from the north-east, a view of the ‘ghost sign’ on the neighbouring wall has been created and working closely with Council’s heritage team the “McK’s Jelly Crystal” sign has been restored and affords a glimpse back in time.

The building and basement was held back from the western edge to allow deep root planting of canopy trees that then step down two storeys to the south to respond to the existing residential condition. The cafe at ground floor, owned by a resident above, has been fitted with left-over construction materials.

Nightingale Ballarat has no gas and is 100 per cent electric, the building is connected under an embedded network that is 100 per cent fossil fuel-free bulk buying of 100 per cent GreenPower allowing sharing of wholesale electricity savings with the residents to reduce their ongoing cost of living.


Lighting: Ambience. Finishes: Taubmans paint. Fittings & Fixtures: Sussex Tapware, Fisher & Paykel

Photography: Kate Longley