Wynyard Central

New Zealand

In the early days of European settlement of Tamaki Makau Rau, a gradual process of reclamation began along the waterfront near the centre of the settlement of Auckland. By the 1930s, the substantial western reclamation, which had supported the timber trade, became a petrochemical storage facility. Alongside it, the marine and fishing industries also held tenure, and their presence continues to provide an important link for the city with its marine traditions and environment.

Today, Wynyard Quarter is a focal point in a plan to shape the continuing evolution of Auckland in a way that respects its unique location and geography, and sustains the city’s competitive advantage as a liveable city. Significant milestones have marked the beginning of the transformation of the inner city’s waterfront, including the ongoing refurbishment and regeneration of the Wynyard Quarter.

The vision for the harbour edge is to be a destination that excites Aucklanders and visitors alike, that celebrates culture and history, and supports commercially successful and innovative businesses. In this context, the transformation of the historic precinct in and around the Wynyard Quarter is a major opportunity. Wynyard Central is a powerful contributor to the life of the Quarter and the city. It is an urban village with a sustainability and design ambition that has not been seen before in New Zealand. A diverse range of residential options draws together a diverse community; commercial spaces are attracting innovative companies; and imaginative public spaces and facilities for recreation and entertainment activate the lanes and streets.

The Wynyard Central project is part of an integrated, cohesive master plan focused on connections and neighborhoods. Housing has been designed for a variety of residents, with an emphasis on family homes through considered space planning as well as child-friendly amenities and safe outdoor spaces. Sustainability principles permeate every aspect of the design. Public spaces are celebrated, and ground-floor edges are activated and engaging. Wynyard Central aims to be home to a mosaic of lives and activity, interwoven and independent, in a thriving waterfront context.

Photography: Simon Devitt.