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Mun Summ Wong and Richard Hassell

Founders, WOHA
Founders of Singapore’s WOHA, Wong and Hassell have a well-earned reputation for their combination of strong environmental and social principles, and top-level design talent. The pair have lead WOHA in designing a number of innovative, highly influential projects across the world.

The duo’s best-known projects have been widely championed as benchmarks for sustainable design in the face of global climate change. WOHA’s architectural approach answers the joint crises of a changing world, unprecedented population growth in cities, and increasingly dysfunctional infrastructure. Wong and Hassell have lead a team intent upon improving the day-to-day existence of city residents.

With projects ranging from residential towers, hotels and public housing to transportation hubs and institutional buildings, Wong and Hassell’s design expertise has lead to the betterment of peoples across the world, all done with a social conscience and design flair.

Kerry Hill
Director, Kerry Hill Architects
Kerry Hill is the director of the Singapore and Australia design practice Kerry Hill Architects, and has been a notably influential figure in South East Asian architecture for over 30 years. Having designed some of the most ambitious architectural projects across the Asia Pacific region, Hill’s work has an iconic sense of modernism within the realms of traditional settings.

With an ever-growing portfolio of hotel, resort, house, mixed use and public project work, Hill’s lauded designs are featured across the Asia Pacific region, and have been published in books, journals and magazines across the world. Hill has also been an eminent guest speaker at the Universities of Hawaii, Western Australia, Queensland and Singapore, and at national conventions in India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie

Founders, Hecker Guthrie
The leaders of Hecker Guthrie draw on the foundations of design with principles that have been developed over ten years of practice. The work of Hecker and Guthrie has been driven by authenticity, consideration and enthusiasm, with outstanding results.

As a multidisciplinary practice, Hecker Guthrie’s approach to design has been to create a unique identity for all projects that they work on. This authenticity has resonated in the design solutions they have proposed over the years, as well as in the selection of materials and knowledge sharing that they offer.

The firm’s body of work rests within the hospitality, residential, retail and commercial sectors, and the pair work both locally and abroad with each design drawing on their expertise in integrating interiors, building, objects and gardens together.

William Smart
Founder, Smart Design Studio
William Smart is the founder and leader of Smart Design Studio, an architecture studio that channels a sense of pure modernism for the 21st century. Leading a team of over 35, Smart’s team designs with rigour and imbues meaning into all of their designs.

Believing that each new project is a chance for new opportunities, Smart harnesses the personalities and requirements of clients to achieve a bespoke and catered result.

Smart’s career has spanned across architecture and interiors of many forms, always with respect to the environment in which a project sits.

Nik Karalis
CEO, Woods Bagot
Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis possesses a diverse portfolio of civic, architectural and interior projects. As a designer, his work has received acclaim to the tune of prominent design awards in Australia and abroad. Not content with success in the architectural world, Nik has also worked under the Woods Bagot research and publishing sub-brand Public to bring many top architectural publications to the world, and along the way has transformed Woods Bagot into a globally relevant architectural practice.

Nik’s work crosses many boundaries, ranging from master planning, civic and commercial buildings, to intimate interiors. It’s Nik’s ability to move between these complex disciplines that that ensures Woods Bagot’s success across multiple project types.

Sonny Chan
Founder, Chan Sau Yan Associates
One of our region’s most comprehensive and diverse architectural practitioners, Chan Sau Yan, Sonny, graduated as an architect in 1963 at the Northern Polytechnic of London and thereafter trumped off his formal vocational instruction in Tropical Studies at the Architectural Association School the following year. Working in London with Arup Associates, Sonny returned to the Asia Pacific region to continue his practice with Kumpulan Akitek. After serving 29 years as a Senior Partner he founded his present practice Chan Sau Yan Associates (now incorporated into the renowned CSYA PTE LTD).

With a truly global portfolio of work, his experience stretches as across an array of sectors including commercial, residential, recreational, and tourism projects. In part, such diversity is reflected through Chan’s ongoing commitment to fostering emerging design and architectural talent throughout the region. Chan has also served as a longtime tutor, examiner and adjunct professor in the School of Architecture (National University Singapore), and as an external critic at the University Malaya.

Having recently published his memoir Green Ink on an Envelope in 2014, his inspiring architectural story has stretched over 4 decades – a history which has garnered a collection of the industry’s most prestigious accolades including the 2011 President’s Design Award for Designer of the Year.