Vince Frost

Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director, Frost* Collective

There is no more passionate person than Vince Frost, whose love of design, business and for life itself shines through in his words and actions. Frost’s grasp of the visual arts, through his graphic design expertise, has touched people far and wide and his resolution to exceed the brief is legendary. At one stage or another we have all seen his work and it has influenced us whether we know it or not.

Vince Frost was born in England and the family moved to Canada for a brighter future when Frost was young. However, missing England, they returned to the UK when Frost was 15 years old. A shy boy, the young Frost was not so interested in academia but excelled at visual communications and so at the end of high school he enrolled at Art School, Northbrook College, Worthing. After graduation he joined the renowned London design consultancy Pentagram, which was the place to be for aspiring creatives, and certainly made a name for himself, becoming the youngest Associate Director at just 27 years old.

Wanting to strike out on his own, Frost established his own studio, Frost* Design London in 1994 and from the inception of his eponymous studio, he has worked hard to achieve. He has designed newspapers and print material, created branding for galleries and companies and worked on all manner of briefs, building a solid and reputable client base. He has received multiple awards and to date his studio has received more than 630 industry awards.

Frost has spoken globally at design conferences since his late 20s. In 2003 he spoke in seven cities across Australia in seven days for AGDA. One such talk was in Sydney and, soon after this, an offer was extended from Peter Clemenger for Frost to become Joint-CEO and Creative Director in a design business he owned. Frost agreed and the newly formed Emery Frost Studio with Australian design legend Garry Emery saw Vince Frost move countries to take up the position, while also travelling back to the UK intermittently to oversee projects.

The new business was substantial and successful, with Frost making a name for himself in Australia. In 2006, coincidentally the same year that Frost’s exhibition Frost* Bite was on display at the Sydney Opera House, there was the opportunity to buy the business outright, and so, Frost*collective, with Vince Frost as Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director along with business partner Carlo Giannasca, came to be.

While building a business and achieving success have always been on the agenda for Frost, he has also developed an attitude, a template for living, that provides him with the means for a better life both personally and for work.

His legendary podcast Design Your Life with Frost has a profound influence on all who hear it and is downloaded in 84 countries. He has published two books and in Design Your Life Frost speaks of where he has come from and where he is now.

Through design Vince Frost has made and is making a difference. He is realistic and intuitive, understanding and straightforward but he is also pragmatic, a person who thinks outside that typical bland box and someone to learn from. Frost*collective makes waves in Australia, the UK and across the globe through wonderful design that makes us think, and it colours our world in the best possible way.

The full article can be read in Indesign issue 91. Words by Jan Handerson.


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