Andre Fu

Andre Fu Studio
Hong Kong

Andre Fu was born in Hong Kong and educated in the United Kingdom, reading Architecture at the University of Cambridge. Andre founded his eponymous studio in 2001 with the first major project, the design of the world-renowned Upper House hotel in Hong Kong. Since then, his work has mainly been in the world of luxury hospitality but Andre’s strong interest in culture and art has enabled him to undertake other projects in these areas.

Studying and travelling between continents over the past thirty years reflects Andre’s sensibility of reinterpreting traditional notions of national identities, drawing as naturally on European principles of beauty as on Oriental qualities, traditions and modernity, in a new hybrid.

Andre’s projects are diverse and has collaborated with Louis Vuitton on the Objets Nomades furniture collection and there has also been a long collaboration with gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin, creating contemporary art galleries in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai. He has designed the interiors for several major hotels and restaurants around the world including Villa La Coste in Provence, The Berkeley London, The St Regis Hong Kong and the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok and last year saw the opening of The Mitsui Kyoto.

2020 saw the publication of a new hardback monograph titled ‘Crossing Cultures with Design’ and Andre explained, “There has been a greater bridging of cultures, narrowing the gap between east and west and this movement is reflected in my book.”

His studio has grown through work on projects over a spectrum of locations – from Monaco to London to Beijing – creating works that are unique, with a specific narrative, reflecting their location yet with a universal quality.

Andre enjoys working on projects across different scales, moving from one realm to the next and he says, “I believe my work has contributed significantly to a better global understanding and appreciation of Asian design.”

In the future, Andre wants to continue to create experiences that bridge different cultures and that respond to the evolving notion of hospitality, to explore new horizons of designs: from product collaboration, to the realms of performance arts spaces / public parks and even landscaping. He will also progress his work with Andre Fu Living, pursuing the artful notion of lifestyle from within. Andre Fu’s vision is defined by a seamless alignment of cultural and design sensibilities, modern luxury, art and craftsmanship.


Photography: Andre Fu Studio, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton, Courtesy of Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto Luxury Collection and Spa, Courtesy Waldorf Astoria Bangkok