Touching Eden House

Wallflower Architecture + Design

The inspiration behind this design was the concept of crafting a biophilic pavilion raised on stilts and wrapped in a veil of timber lattice, delicately nestled at the periphery of the Botanic Gardens, gently enveloped in lush greenery. To achieve this vision, there was collaboration with esteemed landscape architect Salad Dressing, who envisioned the landscape of Touching Eden House to be an extension of the Botanic Gardens, creating an aesthetically harmonious blend between the two. Plants from the Botanic Gardens seamlessly blend with the surroundings. Drawing from the concept of Borrowed Scenery (借景; jièjǐng), a principle of “incorporating background landscape into the composition of a garden” found in traditional East Asian Garden design.

The gridded façade of the pavilion draws inspiration from the intricate lattice patterns often found in garden gazebos, designed to support the growth of vines and climbers. Comprising vertical ‘L’ ‘I’ ‘V’ sections, these elements can be arranged in 12 permutations on the plan. This variability allows for the creation of angled surfaces that capture sunlight at various times of the day, casting unique shadows and enhancing the dynamic play of light throughout the day.


Furniture: Giorgetti. Lighting: Moooi, Simon Lights. Finishes: Accoya, Travertine, Teak, Basalt. Fittings & Fixtures: Gessi, Kone, Big Ass Fan, Berker, Otiima Much More Than a Window, Cubo Collective


Photography: Finbarr Fallon