Peak House

Emma Tulloch Architects

Conceived as a conceptual response to the site’s historical brick covenant, Peak House challenges the traditional weight-bearing rectangular identity of conventional brickwork to better represent the aspiration for a unique family home. At a contextual scale the dwelling appears as an abstract form yet responds to several key site characteristics including a significant Elm tree and privacy between the dwelling and surrounding properties.

The design development of three truly individual custom brick shapes creates nuance and practicality for cladding, privacy screening and turning the corner. At ground level, glazing sensitively reveals the inner workings of the house at the main entrance and rear living areas only. On the first floor the private functions of the house hide behind their monolithic custom skin. Each window here is screened with a V-brick design that continues the abstract monumentality of the façade externally while allowing intrigue, light, and views internally.

Peak House embodies longevity, adaptability, and user comfort. The custom brickwork offers solidity and an ever-changing play of light and shadow, symbolising the aspirations of a timeless family home. It represents a harmonious coexistence between past and future, tradition, and innovation, standing as a testament to the power of collaborative vision.


Furniture: Mobilia, Jardan, Pépite, Morosso, New Works, Cor Furniture, Cassina, EMU. Lighting: Mobilia, Apparatus Studio, Criteria Collection, Mark Douglas Design, Snelling Studio, Est Lighting, Masson for Light, Lights, Lights, Lights. Finishes: EXTERNAL: Lohas Australia Custom made Bricks. INTERNAL: Made by Storey Timber Flooring, Cavalier Bremworth Carpet, CDK Stone, G-Lux Stone. SOFT FURNISHINGS: Clearview Sun Control. Fittings & Fixtures: Sanitary Fittings, Brodware, Roger Seller, Astra Walker, Villeroy & Boch, Omvivo, Sauna & Steam. Kitchen Fittings: Argent, Miele, Qasair, Villeroy & Boch, Ziptap. Door Hardware: Designer Doorware, Halliday and Baillie. Other: Ultralift TV Mechanism


Photography: Peter Clarke