The Bridge House

Kister Architects

The Bridge House marries the historical roots of an original 1970’s house with a contemporary extension. Key to the design was to reference the home’s Modernist beginnings while creating a contemporary extension for a growing family. However, with the acquisition of a second parcel of land to the south, what began as a single-site, double-storey addition morphed into a double-site, single-level extension.

As a primary response, the original concrete façade detail has been stretched away from the original building to form the “skin” of the master retreat. Eschewing what has become a conventional strategy, that is, to add a double storey to the rear, this master wing is accessed by a private glass bridge at ground level. A curved shroud conceals the main bed from the neighbours’ view but maintains connection to nature and light – a priority throughout.

Blurring the distinction between the existing structure and the new was a deliberate strategy designed to create a unified architectural entity. A once-dark enclosed undercroft, the original elevated entry, was rebuilt to create a new, ground-level foyer, light-filled and linked to the landscape, behind the original arches.

Landscape architects were engaged early in the sketch design phase of the project to ensure an integrated thoughtful holistic vision for the entire site. The glazed bridge and separated retreat, sunken living room and glazed dining area breaks the home into spaces that address the many varied aspects of the landscape. The architectural landscape walls respond to the architecture, creating many moments to explore. Now located on a generous suburban block, the new home sensitively integrates contemporary notions of family living with iconic architecture from a celebrated era.


Furniture: In Good Company, Bluestone. Lighting: Mondoluce, About Space, Cult. Finishes: Laminex, Ventech, Caesarstone, Signorino, Woven Image, Artedomus, Byzantine, Tile Fusion, Don Currie Carpets, Fyber, Dulux, LWF, Lynches Window Fashions. Fittings & Fixtures: Franke, Sirius, Ilve, Rogerseller, Kohler, Zip.


Photography: Peter Bennetts.