Autumn House

Studio Bright

Autumn House is an extension to a Victorian terrace originally renovated in the 19880s by architect Mick Jörgensen, that also has a mature elm tree in the backyard.

Jörgenson had extensively reconfigured the interior of the original Victorian terrace, adding at the rear, a studio, storerooms and garden buildings around courtyard spaces. These spaces were much loved and so this part of the house was sensitively restored.

Wrapping the southernmost edge of the site, negotiating the elm tree and the existing building, the new work pushed to the very rear of site with a series of forms of curving and angled moves at ground level that holds the new north facing, living, kitchen and dining spaces and an activity space at the front of site. The form that results from these interventions presents a continuous solid brick perimeter wall to the laneway edges, entirely consistent with the adjoining conditions. To the front, no new roofs can be seen above this brickwork, and to the rear, an angled form rises up over the brick base in a mesh-screen clad wedge.

All thresholds to the courtyards and outdoor spaces are defined by operable glazed doors and windows. By contrast, upstairs and referring to the exterior expression, is a wedge-like mesh structure that supports climbing planters and a slim garden. Enclosed by this garden framework is the main bedroom, ensuite and a rooftop deck. Outer screen layers, with continuous climbing planting, filter the light and provide privacy from neighbours. Deeply recessed openings and warm lining materials heighten the sheltering aesthetic.

While this is a home designed for all seasons, inspiration for the colour of the mesh comes from autumn, when the elm tree and creepers spill out to the lane with full autumnal colour.


Furniture: Grazia and Co, Instyle, Grazia and Co, Muuto, Living Edge, Jardan, Snelling Studio, Zuster. Lighting: Matter Made, Artefact Industries, Sphera, Innermost, ECC, Paris Au Mois D’août, Hub Furniture, Artemide, Snelling Studio, Volker Haug, Rich Brilliant Willing, Living Edge, LAAL, Light on Landscape. Finishes: Dulux, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH), ‘Concrete by Keenan’, Inax, Artedomus, Academy Tiles. Fittings & Fixtures: E&S, Hardware Box, Designer Doorware, Lo and Co Induction, V-ZUG, Fisher and Paykel, Miele, Whispair, Franke, Nood co, Lindsey Wherrett, Caroma.


Photography: Rory Gardiner.