Peninsula Residence


Designed to be tough, a bold reimagining honouring the history and integrity of the original home yet placing it firmly within contemporary 21st century design. A large glass pavilion houses the stunning new master-suite and multiple floor levels address the natural fall of the landscape. Tough materials like cedar; steel, glass, natural stone and concrete are featured in unrestrained sophistication.
Colour blazes forth unapologetically; glossy red echoes brazenly from kitchen to powderoom and the enclosed internal stairwell, which leads to the roof terrace. Burnt oranges, vivid greens and moody blues elevate quiet spaces and pair perfectly alongside contemporary furnishings.

Peninsula Residence also featured on ‘A Life Individual’ a collaborative project with The Design Files and Space. The video series celebrates a diverse group of Space clients – people from all walks of life who share a passion for great design, and an inherent understanding of what makes a uniquely personal home.