Fitzroy Loft


This project is a conversion of a gritty 250m2 brick warehouse in the old industrial area of Fitroy into a family home. The former industrial building is a mixture of intimately scaled family spaces and vast entertaining voids. Two full height voids act as the lungs of the design bringing both light and sky views deep into the internal space. The private areas such as the study and bedroom are accommodated on the first floor by volumes of a more intimate scale.

The 125-year-old warehouse is now mostly residential, although the site was preciously an advertising agency before the current owners purchased it. Before that it was Melbourne’s first Akido Dojo martial arts studio. The architects made a huge effort to respect the building’s rich past, with initial plans often changing to suit on-site findings. The steel bridge made from a perforated base and stringers, connecting the upstairs mezzanine on either side of the loft, is especially compelling. What’s also incredibly appealing about this home is it’s relaxed, unpretentious nature. Although spectacular and grand, the adaptation of the historic warehouse provides an incredibly warm and liveable interior.