Where Wonders Dwell


Studiobird, a multidisciplinary art and architecture practice was commissioned to design event and student breakout spaces throughout Monash University’s new 40,000-square-metre vertical campus ‘Monash College’ in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. Predominantly inhabited by students, Studiobird created flexible multi-use spaces for varying formal events, social activities and for informal opportunities to relax, wonder and inspire.

Designing to activate the brain’s right half in unexpected ways, Studiobird sought inspiration from scientists, translating astronomy and biology data and patterns into an alternate, simulated universe. To nurture emerging social groups in a playful way, the project incorporated expansive acoustic ceiling installations, custom finishes and custom communal joinery.

Where Wonders Dwell at Monash College was delivered as part of a design consortium with a number of practices delivering key aspects throughout this large urban campus project. Led by Lyons Architecture, a ‘diversity of design’ approach supported emerging practices with the rare opportunity to work in an educational typology, at a considerably complex scale while ensuring a project outcome that is holistic yet multifaceted. Studiobird provided full architectural services to realise this project in conjunction with various stakeholder groups while coordinating with sub consultants and the Head Contractor, Multiplex.


Furniture: Custom Modular Seating & Ottoman, Studiobird, Randers + Radius, Kfive (Tables and stackable chairs). Lighting: Arup product selection and custom Studiobird fixtures. Finishes: Sculptform, Autex (custom baffles ), Aluminium panels, custom.


Photography: Dianna Snape