Barker College Maths and Student Hub


The Barker College Maths Hub is a secondary school learning environment that uses biophilic design to weave together education and wellbeing. The result is a structurally innovative and environmentally sustainable building that students can learn in and from.

The upper floors form the Mathematics Hub and comprises nature-inspired timber classrooms enveloped in a geometric façade. The ground floor includes a dining commons, social areas, and informal study spaces specifically designed to encourage senior students’ independent, autonomous study habits in preparation for university.

Through its architectural design the Maths Hub nurtures students and teachers by fostering their innate human connection to nature. They can experience the positive influence of natural materials and green views on their concentration levels and general sense of wellbeing. The mathematical concepts that they are studying are evident in the façade geometry and in the exposed timber structure that surrounds them.

Equally important, the Hub establishes a benchmark for environmentally sustainable school design. Its sustainably sourced mass timber structure provides 18 years of operational carbon emission offsets, and is augmented with natural ventilation and passive heating and cooling. The learning spaces convey material warmth and a tranquil, nurturing atmosphere enriched with abundant daylight, views and natural ventilation.


Photography: Brett Boardman, Grant Leslie, Martin Mischkuling