The Innovation Cell

A1 Office

The Innovation Cell at Clevertronics is a space designed for interactive kinaesthetic learning, The space fosters innovation by displaying the latest products and allows staff to connect and discuss ideas, and educate visitors and clients. The training room adjacent to the space (for additional information or demonstrations) can be kept separate or the walls can be opened to make a larger area that allows guests to interact with The Innovation Cell.

The circular form reflects the never-ending process of innovation and inspired by a Japanese Zen Garden, the curved elements, movable stone seats and ceiling halo, that creates a warm and inviting glow, is a relaxed space for learning.

The Innovation Cell observes best practice sustainable design principles and makes the best use of natural light and eco-friendly materials. Sustainable laminate and carpets, made from milk bottles, span the space, there are external timber panels and the ceiling halo’s warm lights give a warm inviting effect. The sustainable carpet is designed to symbolise a ‘rock that’s been dropped in the pond of knowledge’ and nearby stone seating can be moved or pulled apart. The Cell partitions are wired for any type of technology, and are removable and adjustable.

The space is now an area to discuss ideas and educate clients, staff and visitors and was designed to spark collaboration and interactive learning. People are encouraged to touch and feel the products, gaining insight into design and purpose.

The Innovation Cell displays the best of Clevertronics, and fosters a progressive, interactive and relaxed learning space.


Lighting: Eagle Lighting. Finishes: Nikpol, Above Left, Dulux. Fittings & Fixtures: Holyoake Air Management Solutions, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.


Photography: Lisa Atkinson