Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation


The Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) provides access to industrial, professional and legal representation for its membership of nurses, midwives and carers, as well as education and training facilities. The new ANMF headquarters, located between Melbourne’s CBD and major universities, is a contemporary and sophisticated addition to an embryonic educational precinct.

Crone proposed a hybrid building typology that contains both workplace and educational functions interspersed along sculptural circulation pathways. The interior is divided into distinct areas – conference, education, commercial tenancies and workplace – and was inspired by urban discovery and adventure. The four-storey void features a dramatic central staircase providing a sculptural link from the ground level up through the education levels. The interior design is a ribbon of light inspired by the lightness and organic nature of a ribbon of gauze, which in turn inspired the perforated balustrade, and encourages movement via stairs instead of elevators.

The vertical fins on the facade provide solar shading to assist the ESD performance of the building and reduce glare, while accentuating the verticality of the form. The project team’s commitment to environmentally sustainable design resulted in a five-star Green Star rating and the CitySwitch Award – ‘Victorian Signatory of the Year’ – for leadership and dedication to improving environmental sustainability.

The open design and inviting environment represents the ANMF’s core philosophy of supporting and nurturing, reinforced through strong engagement with the surrounding streetscapes, education precinct and city laneways.

Photography: Glenn Hester.