Spanish Mission House

Lande Architects

Minimal intervention and maximum impact were key ideas to this project which caters for a retired couple downsizing from the big family home. Inspired by the artwork and furniture pieces the couple brought with them, the design massaged the volumes of this Spanish Mission House into their way of living.


Furniture: grazia & co, sofa, Cult, Study chair, outdoor furniture, coffee table, vessels, table lamp, kitchen table, Space Furniture, Armchairs, Great Dane, Armchair, coffee table, dining chairs, floor lamps, chandelier, Anibou, Occasional chair, Angelucci, kitchen Chairs, Loom Rugs, Pepite, vessels, studio gallery, art work, Greg wood, artwork. Lighting: Great Dane, Chandelier, Anna charlesworth, wall light, Dunlin, wall light, Artedomus, exterior wall light, Volker haug, wall light, Rich brilliant willing, wall light, in good company, wall lights, cult, wall light. Finishes: Royal oak, floors, artedomus, stone, tiles of ezra, tiles, cadry’s, carpet. Fittings & Fixtures: brodware, taps, applainces, fisher & paykel, nobel elements, door hardware, pitella, joinery handles


Photography: Shannon McGrath