Mirai House of Arches

Sanjay Puri Architects

Mirai is a contextual house designed for Rajasthan’s hot desert climate in India. Built sustainably, it uses locally sourced bricks, sandstone, and lime plaster, and incorporates water recycling, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels for energy generation.

The design brief aimed to create a house that harmonises with the surroundings and responds to the challenging climate. The curvilinear punctuated envelope of the house reduces heat gain and provides semi-open spaces along the perimeter, offering sheltered areas for each room. Varying section heights and a play of volumes add a sculptural quality, creating intriguing open, enclosed, and semi-enclosed spaces.

Mirai stands out for its sustainable construction practices, climate-responsive design, and sensitivity to the local context. By using local materials and mitigating heat gain, the house achieves energy efficiency and comfort even during the scorching summer months when temperatures exceed 40-degrees-celsius.


Furniture: Mosaic. Lighting: The Wicker Story, Olie Living. Finishes: Flex Stone. Fittings & Fixtures: FCML.


Photography: Dinesh Mehta