Youth Lab

Russell & George

Medical cosmetic clinics of this nature are fundamentally about augmentation, for restorative, preventative or aesthetic purposes. Utilising Artificial Intelligence an augmented marble-esque fictional surface was created. This surface was then applied to illuminated and non-illuminated elements within the interior representing the transformation of skin.

Embracing a theme around augmentation for a medical cosmetic clinic is somewhat risky, so rather than trying to hide the clinical processes that are undertaken on site, there is a more residential tone created for the interior.

It is this play between the real, the augmented and the artificially produced that is being explored. The resultant interior atmosphere balances sophisticated dialogues around aesthetic cosmetic enhancement, the role AI is beginning to play in society while still producing a welcoming and enjoyable workplace and customer experience that is not devoid of humanity.


Furniture: rj living, jrf. Lighting: sphera. Finishes: Porter’s Paints, dulux, polytec, lusso group, viridian, metz tiles, polyflor. Fittings & Fixtures: clipsal, ezconcept, handle house, bellevuearch


Photography: Dion Robeson