Embracing Green Ceramics with Waste Powder-Coat Powder


Planex has embarked on a journey to address the significant environmental challenge posed by waste powder-coat powder through innovative approaches. By integrating waste powder-coat powder into the production process of Green Ceramics™, not only has a sustainable solution to waste management been found but also the aesthetic and mechanical properties of the final product is enhanced. This innovative application marks a significant advancement in the industry and sets a new standard for sustainable manufacturing practices.

Powder coating technology, with roots tracing back 70 years primarily in the USA, presented the global industry with a significant environmental challenge. In 2020, estimates indicated that over 800,000 tonnes of waste powder coat ended up in landfills worldwide. This waste, comprising nanoplastics and microplastics is a growing concern. Over the past decade, it’s estimated that at least 7 million tonnes of powder coat waste have been directed to landfills. These particles, expected to persist for centuries, pose a significant environmental threat. Planex has highlighted this issue, emphasising the invisibility of particulate waste once dispersed in the environment. (Gianello & Bhattacharya, 2020). The urgent need for industry-led solutions is underscored by the detrimental effects of microplastics on living organisms.


Furniture: Planex xBench is a freestanding bench designed to complement the Planex xLocker2 System for use in end-of-trip facilities and change rooms. xBench is manufactured using sheet steel making it a robust solution for end-of-trip facilities. Handles are integrated within the top enabling ease of movement and the lower cross brace doubles as a shelf for shoes and bags. Finishes: The UNSW Green Ceramics MICROfactorieTM has developed ceramics that have been used in numerous industrial and community settings, and commercial and community MICROfactories are now either established or are being established by independent operators. The inclusion of waste powder-coat powder is a new addition to the product. The ceramics are used as kitchen benches, table tops, floor tiles, furnishings and for other applications.


Photography: Jean-Pierre Jardel