Durra Panel

Durra Panel

Durra Panel is a rigid building product that combines the desirable properties of low embodied energy, strength, acoustic and thermal insulation together with a high degree of fire resistance. Durra Panel is the natural alternative for lining walls and ceilings.

The engineered biomass panel core is made from reclaimed straw, a much wasted material that is a by-product of annual wheat harvesting. The panel core is 100 per cent straw, produced by a unique manufacturing process using no water or gas, no binding agents and produces zero toxic waste. This incredibly sustainable process produces a product which is 99.9 per cent free from VOCs and is 100 per cent biodegradable at the end of its useful life.

Durra Panel has been in continuous production in Australia for 70 years and is now at the forefront of nature positive manufacturing, with every square metre of Durra Panel produced storing 8.5 kilograms of carbon, locked away for the life of a building.

With a vision to change the way the world thinks about building, Durra Panel works with nature to minimise waste, preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Durra Panel is used in a range of projects including airports, schools, stadiums, movie studios, homes and industrial facilities.


Photography: Durra Panel, AW Nicholson, Luna Park Sydney Pty Ltd