FDAT Architects

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpar looks at alternative ways a city can be greened by breathing new life into older existing buildings. The design turns the existing, enclosed concrete building in a dense city centre into a refreshing green lung. Extensive sky planters bring lush greenery directly into guestrooms and public areas – creating unique garden spaces for guests. The lush greenery is highly visible, ending vistas from surrounding streets and buildings; buffering heat and offering much needed relief to the city.

Guests arrive at a double volume lobby space flanked by a lush green backdrop, overlooked by a timber-clad treehouse. Cantilevered façade planters lift greenery directly to interior spaces. The ballroom, previously fully enclosed, is now opened up to abundant light and greenery creating a unique Garden Ballroom experience. Guestrooms receive gardens directly to bedrooms or bathrooms. These gardens also work as an attractive foil, screening away the elevated LRT viaduct which runs alongside the hotel.

The architectural promenade culminates at the pool level which is realised as a verdant green oasis with large six to seven-metre trees screening the pool area. Planters and cabanas create intimate spaces for guests to occupy and relax amongst nature. The roof terrace houses the pool and wellness facilities such as the gym & spa. Throughout the hotel, greenery complements the warm and natural finishes creating a resort-like ambience, right in the heart of the city.


Furniture: Furniture Club. Lighting: Pacific Technical Products.


Photography: David Yeow