MPavilion 2022


The design brief for MPavilion 2022 was to create not only an exceptional architectural space, but a dynamic platform that actively engages with the urban landscape—a container of ideas incorporating the highest level of design thinking and experimentation.

all(zone) envisioned MPavilion 2022 as a light, colourful and joyful shelter that naturally encourages communal gathering. It comprises an innovative three-layered marquee that explores the potential of tensile architecture. The uppermost layer is a brightly coloured fishing net, giving the structure a tactile quality. The middle layer is crafted from an STFE membrane fabricated by French manufacturer Serge Ferrari. As transparent as glass but 10 times lighter, this weather-proof polyarylate mesh has never before been used in Australia. The lowermost layer comprises a waffle of colourful fabric that moves with the breeze and creates dappled light, evoking the relaxing feeling of resting under trees. This complex, harmonious form is supported by a solid steel structure and houses a complementary and practical kiosk to provide hospitality to visitors and house AV equipment.

Despite the MPavilion 2022’s lightness and ephemeral quality, it has been ingeniously engineered for longevity. At the close of the season of programming, the pavilion will be taken apart and reassembled in its new permanent location, where it will continue to be enjoyed by the community for many years to come.


Furniture: Canberra Design Lab. Lighting: Bluebottle. Finishes: Dulux


Photography: John Gollings, William Hamilton Coates, Marie Luise Skibbe, Casey Horsfield, Bella Loke