Four Pillars Gin Distillery 2.0


Breathe has joined forces with Four Pillars Gin to create a new, immersive gin experience in their birthplace, Healesville. 100% fossil fuel-free, a commitment to sustainability is honoured with a shift to renewable energy with rooftop solar, and 100% GreenPower. Made from the same material as the gin stills inside, a stunning copper veil wraps around the distillery. The expansion delivers a new production space, outdoor gin garden, tuckshop, gin shop, custom-built bar, and sensational events space.

While nearly tripling the capacity for visitors, the new distillery was designed not to just increase production capacity, but also to champion Four Pillars’ future as a global leader in quality, craft gin. It is a place where curious visitors and connoisseurs alike can engage with the entire distillation and bottling process while enjoying an exceptional food and beverage experience.

A central courtyard featuring ground cover planting creates a verdant welcome. The “chai river” runs through the courtyard cooling the stillage water from the stills, while the spiced chai scent emanates through the space.

Inside, delicious botanical aromas punctuate the air as visitors walk between the old distillery covered with climbing ivy and the new, crisp, textured masonry hall that houses the gin bar, restaurant, and gin garden. A custom copper bar acts as the centrepiece producing fabulous cocktails. Each area offers aspects to the gin-making and bottling process.


Furniture: Dowel Jones from Own world, Life Space Journey from Design Nation, Arranmore Furniture, Design by Them. Lighting: Ambience Lighting. Finishes: James Hardie, Danpal, Birrus Matting, Locker Group, Lysaght, Ampelite. Fittings & Fixtures: Reece, Par Taps.


Photography: Anson Smart