Nyul Nyul Community Packing Sheds

SJB with Promena, Van der Meer Consulting, The Orana Foundation, Bruno Dann and the Nyul Nyul Community

Grounded in traditional knowledge and practices, the harvesting of native fruits such as the vitamin C rich Gubinge, one of nature’s superfoods, by traditional custodians, represents an important form of sustainable business across Western Australia’s Kimberley region. To support the future growth of the native harvest business, this purpose-built community packing shed allows the community to process their harvest and store food leading to increased output, greater efficiencies and quality of supply. Its creation was initiated by Bruno Dann, a traditional owner and Elder of the Nyul Nyul people, whose family has been maintaining the Twin Lakes area for generations.

In one day, the shed can produce 20 litres of drinking water. Fitted with hydro panels that draw from the humidity in the air, this water is in part used for washing harvests. The shed is also fitted with solar panels, powering the freezers on site that store the produce before transport and can be assembled and disassembled in seven days.

A predominantly timber structure has been achieved using native hardwood dowels in combination with termite resistant treated Laminated Veneer Lumber and Plywood. Responding to the site’s ever-shifting environmental conditions, the shed has been designed to leave no trace when disassembled while the natural look and feel of the raw materials sit comfortably within the rugged bush landscape.

The new prefabricated packing shed also increases efficiency through their portability. Workers can disassemble their sheds with ease and move to a more fruitful location, giving harvests the ability to regrow.


Photography courtesy of SJB