AIM Architecture

HARMAY Fang is a project that was created to give back public space to the community. It encapsulates a community-centric design to the street and presents a new retail typology. With the historic fang as inspiration, old Shanghai neighbourhoods and alleyways, this neighbourhood cornerstone has re-interpreted the spirit and openness of the Shanghai alley life. Celebrating sustainability, this building is now enjoying a second or even third life renewal. The design is layered and complex, new, and old and a place for local patrons and visitors alike. HARMAY Fang is beyond a normal retail store, it is a statement to the city and its community.

The building has been treated as a “found shell”. It is a concrete structure like any other in China, and in this case, came with a very questionable copy-paste façade. The building has been insulated by wrapping another skin around it upwards from the second floor. The low and rough structure of the interior has been exposed and only functional additions have been added where necessary. A recyclable stainless steel staircase has been included in the centre of the floorplate and, while new windows have been included to afford connection with the surrounding environment, the former window openings are now new product displays. Finally an outdoor bar / public space was created under the building to connect with the outdoors rather than the indoors.


Furniture: AIM Architecture. Lighting: Shanghai Hengpin Design Decoration Co, Ltd. Finishes: Shanghai Hengpin Design Decoration Co, Ltd / 乱纹不锈钢/水洗石/瓷砖/木地板/红砖 / 红砖/乱纹锈钢 / 乱纹不锈钢/乳胶漆/红色不锈钢 / 上海跃奔装饰工程有限公司. Fittings & Fixtures: Shanghai Hengpin Design Decoration Co, Ltd.

Photography: Dirk Weiblen