ANZ Breathe


“Shape a world where people and communities thrive” is the driving force behind ANZ’s nationwide, 100 per cent carbon neutral in operations, new branch design known as “ANZ Breathe”.

ANZ set out to create a future, not just about returning money to stakeholders, but instead based around three important values – environmental sustainability, secure housing and financial wellbeing for all Australians.

The project is an elegant, sustainable branch design solution that considers the social and environmental impacts on the community and the planet at the core of every design decision.
ANZ Breathe is a simple kit of modular parts that come together, like Lego pieces, to form each branch. It’s simple and elegant, adapted easily with a system that can be replicated and scaled as branch requirements change. Materials are natural, honest and recyclable and the message to customers is one of financial responsibility and wellbeing.

Each branch is entirely constructed of sustainable materials that are natural and locally sourced, designed for disassembly and are either biodegradable or recyclable. Materials include a carbon capture selection such as cork and FSC certified timbers, recycled aluminium light fittings, and rubber flooring made from used car tyres.

Biophilic design is integral to the design with lush planter modules to increase the mental and physical wellbeing of staff and customers. No adhesives have been used throughout to allow for full reuse. Materials have been selected to support local trades by partnering with small and Indigenous-owned businesses wherever possible. The result is inviting interior spaces, beautiful and natural timber furniture, and lush (alive!) greenery. Branches are designed to be welcoming, safe, and familiar. ANZ Breathe evokes the feeling of home and talks to ANZ’s mission to provide access to housing for all.



Furniture: Winya, Ross Gardam. Lighting: Ross Gardam. Finishes: Sustainable Living Fabrics, Briggs Veneers, Zenith, Autex, Robertson’s Building Products, Interface wool carpet, Market Timbers flooring. Fittings & Fixtures: Sussex Tapware, Caroma basins, Assa Abloy

Photography: Tom Ross