Villa Serena: The First Net Zero Villa in Lombok

Bambook Studio

Villa Serena is the first Net Zero Luxury Villa in Lombok Island, Indonesia. With spectacular views of Kuta Bay, Villa Serena showcases the compatibility of beauty, comfort, economics and sustainability.

The villa, with a floorspace of 450 square metres, is built on an elongated site with orientation towards the East / West. The design responds directly to tropical passive design strategies such as, protecting the living room, kitchen and bedrooms from direct sun and all spaces within the house are cross ventilated with strategic openings and air flow devices in every area. The pool is oriented towards the prevailing winds from the south, which crosses the pool water and the vegetation of the gardens, and penetrates the bedrooms and living areas. The house therefore keeps a similar temperature at all times, and the need for air conditioning or ceiling fans is minimal. In fact, Villa Serena with its 14,5kwp solar system and 115 cubic metres rain water collection system is the first Villa in Lombok that sells Carbon-Free power to the National Grid, helping Indonesia to lower their CO2 emissions.

The water strategy of the house is based on two water loops: The rain water tank collection is placed under the pool terrace and waste water gardens treat the grey water for reuse in toilets and irrigation. All materials are local and the timber is white teak from Sumbawa’s planted forests. Stone for cladding was from Lombok Island and the interior paints and adhesives were all low emitting materials. The general aesthetic was based on a natural colour pallet and sustainably planted teak wood carpentry, finishes of local stone and a light terrazzo flooring present in green tones to complement the tropical plantings.


Photography: Guillermo F. Florez