The Stone Hedge – Redefining Responsible Tourism

Inspiration with Vistaar Associates

Situated in the rugged Ladakh Range of the Himalayas, Stone Hedge – Nubra Valley is the first high altitude, all-weather resort of the region. Created with the vision of promoting all-weather tourism and responsible architecture, the resort has been designed to explore sustainability in a stunning bio reserve.

The resort consists of 15 rooms and a deluxe suite, two restaurants including an open-air café’ and meeting rooms. There is a unique waste management system which recycles useable water for sanitary purposes and uses waste water for its large kitchen garden and landscaping. It is also the first resort in the area to use central heating systems and relies extensively on renewable energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint.

There were myriad challenges to the build, the terrain and weather, however by looking inwards and going local, Stone Hedge establishes the primacy of sustainable architecture and design. Features include the innovative ceiling in the restaurants and the polyurethane coated rush weed screens behind the beds, while colourful stones and pebbles from the area have been used as cladding material, construction material and also as dados in washrooms. Local craftsman, weavers and mud brick makers were employed on the project and the aesthetic is beautiful and local.

Stone Hedge also incorporates pioneering sustainable practices by producing its daily requirement of vegetables and milk from its own farm, using natural lighting and ventilation systems, relying on the ancient mud brick architecture for insulation and using local materials for its interiors.

Stone Hedge is a beacon of hope for the economy of the region and a symbol of responsible tourism that is eco-sensitive, sustainable and inspirational.  


Furniture: Karigari (local craftsmen). Lighting: Philips India. Fittings & Fixtures: Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.


Photography: Stanzin Khakyab, Leh