Sarah & Sebastian

Russell & George

Designed as a love letter to Melbourne as it emerges from a year of COVID-19 lockdowns, the design of Sarah & Sebastian Armadale embodies the jewellery brand’s fascination with the ocean and reflects a quote by Naoshi Arakawa, “Even in the depths of the darkest oceans, some light always pierces through.”

The project utilises a palette of black, in varying sheens and intensity, to create a moody, immersive and playful experience where light can be focused on even the smallest of elements.  The store comprises three simple mirrored forms incorporating jewellery displays and point of sale. These are enveloped by an undulating cave-like landscape installation applied to the walls and ceiling.

Flooring is black Japan-stained timber in a satin finish, and completing the space is a hidden consultation room for private jewellery discussions. Lighting is directed onto the jewellery pieces and hand blown, smoke grey glass pendants with colour changing bulbs create colourful uplight effects.

Incorporating sustainability initiatives, the existing fit out was not removed instead the new fit out was literally applied over the top, eliminating waste issues and landfill. All elements applied to the existing shell are 100 per cent recyclable or re-useable and the project was designed along Biophilic principles, exploring ideas of human wellness and connection. The interior is not trend-based, but designed to stimulate connection to brand and place, ensuring that it will last beyond the usual retail/fit out churn cycle.

Sarah & Sebastian promotes a sense of exploration and creates an atmosphere of wonder in all who visit. Everything in this store was designed to enhance the experience.


Furniture: Coco Flip Design Studio. Lighting: Mark Douglass. Finishes: Dulux.


Photography: Sean Fennessy