BSF Sengkol Organic Waste Conversion Facility

Bambook Studio with Aurbamboo

BSF Sengkol is an Organic Waste Conversion Centre through Black Soldier Fly (BSF). This is the first project of its kind in Lombok, and it is strategically located near the Mandalika Development, a new tourist masterplan.

The BSF Sengkol Facility is part of a larger Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Local Nusa Tenggara Government (Lombok and Sumbawa Island). The target is to build facilities around the NTB province to reach a waste conversion of at least 10 tonne of organic waste per day. The organic waste becomes natural fertiliser and both this and the larvae (as organic protein feed) can be sold to the local market. The potential impact that such project can have to the economy of the local people, their well-being and the environment is enormous.

The design of the facility is low impact unlike the usual metal hangar structures commonly employed. Construction was an inclusive process involving the local people and the local economy and the design can be easily replicated and is affordable to build.

The building is a bamboo structure, built with bamboo from Lombok forests. During construction bamboo building lessons were offered to the local people and provided advice on how to design, treat, manage a bamboo forest and build a real bamboo facility.

Initially, local government parties were concerned about the use of bamboo as the structure of an industrial project but now the facility is showcased as part of Lombok’s identity.

This project goes beyond sustainable architecture and is an inclusive model that provides social, economic and environmental benefits to the community. It also establishes a clear circular business model, demonstrating that economies can be created that are compatible with our capacity to regenerate our resources and absorb our waste.


Photography: Bagus Insani