Riverbend, Bambu Indah


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Bambu Indah, is a sustainably minded jungle eco retreat with luxury hotel service, and surprises around every corner. Pass the restaurant, take the stepping stones through the kitchen garden where the chlorophyll naturally detoxifies you while making your way to the true magic that awaits just ahead. Moving from the top of the ridge through a small bamboo elevator shaft, the light surrounds you from the open door and you are greeted with tiered glistening natural springs and a pathway that guides you down to a secluded end; it is here that you will find the Riverbend House.

Wanting to expand our family, we created Riverbend House as the first two-bedroom structure at Bambu Indah – perfect for families or friends traveling together. Protected under a curved copper roof shell surrounded by lush greenery with the Ayung River at your doorstep. Designed to sleep 4-6 people in two rooms, one atop the other (both with en-suite bathrooms), there are huge glass windows that offer a sweeping 220 degree view over the spectacular river. With its own kitchen, resort staff can cook meals while guests take advantage of the two private natural spring plunge pools on either side of the terrain to enjoy unique experiences and views, as well as a copper tub for moon bathing. There is harmony with nature as the materials inside create no boundary to the home’s natural environment, and pay respect to the global needs for a cleaner and better future.

As a natural setting, we felt pulled to create a space that felt less like a building and more like a nest. Woven materials harnessing the life that would exist in and around the home. This way of using bamboo to cross in and over each other is technically called a grid-shell system, and it would be the first time we’d imagine this to be done in a home.

Furniture, Lighting, Finishes, Fittings & Fixtures: IBUKU.

Photography: Stefano Scata